Mind Whispering Private Sessions

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A results-oriented 1 on 1 session, custom designed for you, making powerful shifts that will align you with your goals, vision, and overcoming obstacles. Receive a personal plan of action for ongoing results to support you in achieving breakthroughs and living the life of your dreams.

Mind Whispering  ...  Done for You



Restore the body back to optimal health, release physical dis-ease, past trauma, and abuse while restoring yourself to wholeness, completeness, and happiness.


Attracting Abundance and Prosperity, balancing work life with your personal lifestyle roadmap and increasing your revenue 25% or more, consistently.


Create connected relationships with family, find a soul mate, enhance love in your life, and align your inner self with your life purpose, path and direction.

The Mind Body Connection

We produce over 60,000 thoughts a day, even though we can only recognize about 10% of them consciously.   Each thought has an emotion, an energy in motion, that propels the thought into existence.

Often, we will think a thought , such as “I am rich and abundant” and on the inside, we feel lack energy, less than, who am I, or an Imposter Syndrome.

Here is the problem – the emotion that fuels the thought into existence is not in alignment with the thought, blocking you from receiving what you asked for.  Every Single Time.

We have 4x the negative feelings stuck in our subconscious and it affects our health, our body, and all of our relationships, including our relationship with money.

Where Emotions Hide

There are 4 areas our emotions are encoded in the deep subconscious.

Direct experiences: these are your day-to-day experiences that are reinforced from early child hood from our parents, siblings, teachers, and friends.

Genetics & DNA: these are the generational patterns that are handed sown through your DNA that gives you a blueprint.

Social Conditioning: These are the views of society that we accept, world beliefs, and conditioning through the media.

Spiritual: The subconscious is always learning, and whether you dream, or experience remembering’s from other life times, we carry forward our Karma.


True alignment begins in the heart space. The heart is the bridge between our energy body and our physical body. When leading with the heart space in alignment with our thoughts, there is clarity on what the brain thinks, increase in focus, an internal balance, and the result is instant creation. When the old emotions of anxiety, depression, sadness, anger, and stress are released, we can reprogram the new energy that is needed to enhance the thought, such as happiness, peace, joy, love, balance, and harmony.