Mind Whispering Meditations

Increase your Cash Flow Effortless and Enhance your Relationship with Money

Release Anxiety and Depression Meditation

Mental health is incredibly important when it comes to your finances and money Two of the biggest mental health challenges society faces today is anxiety and depression. In this mediation, Dawna takes you down a pathway to release anxiety and depression while reprogramming the higher frequencies of peace, calmness, and balance. For expedited results, listen to daily.

Make Money Now Meditation

Having a Money Meditation can be a powerful to help you attract money and increase wealth in your life. During this guided meditation, you will be able to tab into the abundance of the universe and manifest even more money. Come into alignment with truly being a money magnet!

Heart Meditations

Unlock the secrets to living an abundant and prosperous life with Heart Meditations - our transformative meditation series inspired by the International Best-Selling book "Financially Fit." Through a powerful combination of guided meditations and energy healing techniques, Dawna will take you on a journey to release emotional wounds from the past that may be holding you back from experiencing true happiness, prosperity, and love.

Money Meditations

Take control of your financial future and unlock the power of abundance in your life! Transform your relationship with money and manifest the financial success you've always dreamed of. The Money Meditation tracks are specifically designed to attract money and wealth, and the results speak for themselves. Feel more empowered, more confident, and more in control of your financial destiny. You'll experience an increase in financial abundance and success.

Chakra Money Meditations

Experience chakra-focused meditations designed to align your energy centers for financial abundance. With these meditations, you can harmonize with the vibration of money and cultivate a deep connection between each of your chakras and your financial well-being. Welcome the abundance that flows into your world!

Meditations Bundle

Bundle and Save! Receive all the Meditations Packages, including Heart Meditations, Money Meditations, and Chakra Meditations with all the bonus meditations and Save!

Create it Now

In five simple steps, Dawna shares how to instantly create the life you desire and want. Dawna aligns your energy centered with the energy of creation for unlimited abundance, prosperity, and love. This has an instruction video, and the meditation to instantly create every day your heart’s desire!

Infinite Prosperity System

This 5 part series uncovers the universal secrets to creating money and wealth from the subconscious instantly. Learn what to do to increase your ABUNDANCE and PROSPERITY!