Financially Fit

What is stopping you from stepping into infinite prosperity?  

Discover the secrets to living an abundant and prosperous life in the heart, mind, and soul.  Utilizing the Pivot and Shift Strategy, you can discover, release, and transform (DiRT method) your life into opening prosperity doors.  

Learn how money is emotional and the 5 basic human emotions that stop or enhance the riches coming into your life.  Dawna will share her personal knowledge, wisdom, and experience from a place of heart-centeredness to assist you in restoring a life of happiness, prosperity, and love.  

It is time to Step into Infinite Prosperity, live the life you love and love the life you live.  

Financially Fit is a MUST READ!! In it, Dawna Campbell shows us how to achieve the abundance we have all been searching for, AND...spoiler isn't all about the money. Come along and join her on a beautiful journey that will take you along the path to your purpose and open yourself up to receiving the beautiful gift she is sharing. You will be so glad you did. Thank you Dawna, for your vulnerability and authenticity as we become "Financially Fit.”

Renee Reisch

I love this book! In fact, I'm reading it a second time because there is so much in here. Within the first chapter I received such value and knowledge. This is a must read if you want a different and more loving relationship with your finances. This book isn't just about creating money which you can do, it's about having a whole different outlook about finding and healing those wounds that keep you from having, creating money and being financially fit. Dawna Campbell knows her stuff.

Jennifer Farrar

This book gets at the root of energetic blocks that may be creating repeating patterns and guides the reader through identifying and correcting those energetic blocks with tried and true advice. The book helps the reader to understand energy and how to allow the higher vibrations of happiness, gratitude, and we'll being into broader and well-defined areas of financial fitness. The additional online resources are also very valuable in helping to understand the proper steps to further development in financial success. It is well worth your time.

Kevin L. Mackey

This is not your boring old book that tells you to save money and pay down debt... Dawna gets the the root of limiting believes so many of us have around wealth. Reprogram your subconscious mind to embrace abundance! I highly recommend Dawna's book and love her refreshing perspective.

Timothy McGraw

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Have you considered how the legacy of your childhood experiences manifests itself into adulthood? Dawna Campbell knows the keys to recognize this and how we can choose to pivot beyond that legacy into a place of abundance.

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