Financially Fit

What is stopping you from stepping into infinite prosperity?  

Discover the secrets to living an abundant and prosperous life in the heart, mind, and soul.  Utilizing the Pivot and Shift Strategy, you can discover, release, and transform (DiRT method) your life into opening prosperity doors.  

Learn how money is emotional and the 5 basic human emotions that stop or enhance the riches coming into your life.  Dawna will share her personal knowledge, wisdom, and experience from a place of heart-centeredness to assist you in restoring a life of happiness, prosperity, and love.  

It is time to Step into Infinite Prosperity, live the life you love and love the life you live.  

Featured in:
Cracking the Rich Code

Have you considered how the legacy of your childhood experiences manifests itself into adulthood? Dawna Campbell knows the keys to recognize this and how we can choose to pivot beyond that legacy into a place of abundance.

Cracking The Rich Code offers a powerful thought-provoking entrepreneurial insights, stories and strategies from a diverse lineup of 20 coauthors from around the world. Chances are this book contains exactly what you need to excel your business into the top 5% in your category worldwide!