Financial Fitness Redefined!

When the words “financial fitness” are heard, the typical response is about budgets, savings, eliminating debt, investments and insurance. As a former Financial Advisor, this was also once my truth.  A financial planner might talk about goals, ideas for the future, and the very best planners will ask how you feel if the goals are accomplished.   Although this is good, there is something better.  The real questions are not about investments and wealth strategies.  The crux for heart centered business owners and entrepreneurs is the mindset and the heartset that attracts infinite prosperity. Financial fitness is the alignment of our thoughts (mindset) with our feelings (heartset) to create instantaneous results.   The reward of abundance is nothing short of a miracle for the heart-centered business owners and entrepreneurs.

Join Dawna in this 5 part series uncovering the universal secrets to creating money and wealth from the subconscious.  The Infinite Prosperity System is designed to assist you with the realigning the heart, mind, and finances.  When this happens, instant money is the result.  Some of the key points in this 3 step process is understanding the emotional side of money, identifying the self-sabotaging money after thoughts, and discovering the 3 keys to opening prosperity doors.  

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