The Financially Fit Transformation

Release Stress and Chaos in Life

Ignite Unstoppable Inner Confidence 

Expedite Your Results

True alignment to

Happiness is the Key to Manifesting Desired Outcomes!


We have 4x the negative thoughts and feeling then the positive ones.  Over 90% of these negative feelings are deeply hidden in the subconscious that creates a misalignment between what we think and what we feel.  We are taught to affirm thoughts such as “I am Rich and Abundant”, but yet, on the deeper inside, we feel a lack, less than, who am I, imposter syndrome like energy where are believe that we are not worthy or deserving.  This is what the universe returns to you — the negative feeling and not the positive affirmation!

Money is emotional!

Your money energy is a direct reflection of these deep subconscious energy feelings.  How you think and feel about yourself is how money responds to you on the outside.

The twelve week transformational program is designed to restore your inner alignment to create instant results and increase your revenue, 25% or more, consistently.

What's Included

For Those Who Want

If you spent years working towards your potential financial future,
and you are still not there - the answer is within you - literally!

Kick off with a 2-day Transformational workshop and supercharge your success with rapid measurable results.

Then progress through three phases, Focus — Clarity — Balance  each week in a group coaching and training call, customized for the group. 

Focus:  Your Subconscious Focus is the powerful driving force behind your thoughts creating into reality.  Most of us are sleeping through life, completely unaware of what you are creating, believing that life is happening to you, not for you.   There is one universal law that always applies – what you focus on, creates.  Focus works on the personal side, reframing and redefining where your focus is on money. 

Clarity:  In business, we have a vision statement, mission statement, our 30 second commercial, words that we say that we believe will bring clients to us.  In Clarity, we redefine the perfect avatar, mission, vision, but we take it one step further.  We reprogram the subconscious to magnetically attract all those qualities to us and bring us our desired outcome. 

Balance:  The blend between work and home life can be intimating.  Fear & overwhelm can take over, feeling of being an imposter, and where do I add value becomes apparent.  many of us have a hard time maintaining this inner balance. 

Session One: 2-Day Transformational workshop

Session Two: New Patterns – New Results 

Session Three: Money Blocks 

Session Four: Opening Prosperity Doors

Session Five: The Millionaire Mindset 

Session Six: Key Words & Your Avatar 

Session Seven: Live Your Vision 

Session Eight: Be Your Mission Why 

Session Nine: Positioning Statements 

Session Ten: Releasing Fear & Being Overwhelmed

Session Eleven: Your Lifestyle Roadmap 

Session Twelve: You, the Authority Expert